KOSHIN America

Gas-Powered Trash & Semi-Trash Centrifugal Pumps

The History

KOSHIN America was established back in 1984. It’s parent company, Koshin Ltd., began even earlier in 1948 in the former imperial city of Kyoto, Japan. KOSHIN America was founded with a goal of bringing the very best portable engine driven pumps to the northwestern hemisphere.

The Product

Since its beginning, KOSHIN America has been driven to provide innovative products for the agricultural, industrial, construction and marine industries, as well as for homeowners, on a global scale. Decades of experience have been poured into creating top-quality products, and commodities by this brand have been used in over 160 countries worldwide.

The Acclaim

Every product by KOSHIN America is industrial grade in both material and design, leading multiple professionals to regard it as the number one producer of water pumps over the years. From humble beginnings to industry leaders, you can expect the best with products from KOSHIN America.

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