Kingscote Chemicals

Kingscote Chemicals is the leader in tracer dyes and has been for the last 50 years. Make your work simpler with easy to see and easy to use Fluorescent Dye Tracing Products. Kingscote Chemicals’ dyes can be used to:

Trace water flow

Tracing water flow is important for pollution monitoring, sewer and industrial waste examining, and natural water flow analysis.

Detect sewage system leaks

Detecting any kind of underground water leak can be a challenge. Tracer dyes from Kingscote Chemicals help easily identify the problem, getting you to a solution faster. 

Detect toilet leaks

Did you know that water leaks account for 10 percent of all water use in the home? Toilet leaks are commonly unnoticed because there is no sound or noticeable dripping. Drop a dye tablet into the tank, wait 15 minutes, and presence of the color blue in your bowl will tell you if you’ve got a leak.

Other uses for Kingscote Chemical Dyes:

  • Detect illegal and unsafe sewer connections
  • Analyze septic systems
  • Monitor and map water flows


Easily detect, analyze and monitor water flows or leaks with tracer dyes by the industry leader, Kingscote Chemicals. Contact Schulte Supply to learn more about our products.

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