Kennedy Valve

Kennedy Valve began back in 1877 with the production of gate valves by one man in Lower Manhattan. Over 135 years of experience later, the line has expanded to include all waterworks valves and hydrant manufacturing. Nationally recognized for building quality products for their consumers, This vendor has a substantial reputation in the industry, with distribution bases across all fifty states.

About Kennedy Valve Products

Kennedy Valve has a record that speaks for itself, manufacturing trustworthy products since the late 19th century. They supply products that are quality-made with the goal to exceed customer satisfaction. This vendor is also concerned with being environmentally conscious and providing a secure workplace for their employees.

Schulte Supply is proud to offer fire hydrants, resilient seated gate valves, check valves, plug valves and butterfly valves from this excellent manufacturer at a competitive price point. Contact us today for more information on available products.

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