Copperhead Industries

Copperhead Industries is one of the leading producers of the copper-clad steel tracer wire now widely used in the water, sewer, gas and telecommunication industries.

We carry multiple Copperhead Industries copper-clad steel tracer wire products to meet your utility and construction needs:

  • Open Cut – Choose Copperhead’s High Strength wire product that is commonly used for a wide variety of utility purposes. This durable tracer wire is often used for trenching and plowing application methods.
  • Directional Drilling – The SoloShot™ EHS wire type is ideal for projects that involve underground wiring beneath roads, parking lots, sidewalks, buildings and other areas that cannot be excavated.
  • Pipe Burst – When performing the pipe burst application method, choose the SoloShot™ Xtreme copper-clad steel tracer wire. This product is Copperhead Industries strongest wire type.

Need to order Copperhead Industries wire?

Schulte Supply carries a wide variety of Copperhead Industries products. To stock up on wire and other utility products, visit one of our locations or fill out our order application. Our sales staff and distributors serve customers across Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Kansas.

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