Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. (AVT) develops and distributes its professional grade products on a global scale. An innovative leader in the industry, products by Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. are designed with ease, integrity, and environmental consciousness in mind. Schulte Supply is a proud supplier of their unique EZ Valve Systems & Line stops, as well as offering equipment sales and installations.

AVT EZ Valve Insertion Valve

EZ Valve

The EZ Valve System by Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. was built for performance. Whether professionals are installing during emergent situations or under other difficult circumstances, this high-quality valve can be installed in three simple steps. The unique design allows pipe integrity to be maintained while being adaptable and easy to use, all while only requiring a single excavation and maintaining a low profile.

Get valve products that are built by professionals, for professionals. Find the equipment you need from AVT by contacting Schulte Supply today.

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