The 5 Most Important Pipefitter Tools

The right pipefitter tools are necessary to prevent one of the most daunting damages of all, water leaks. A pipefitter organizes, assembles, creates, and maintains mechanical piping systems. 


For a pipefitter to do his job well, they need the right tools to fit or fix piping systems. Here is a list of the five most important pipefitter tools for everything to go smoothly, especially during the cold, holiday season!

1. Pipefitters Square

Without the proper alignment, a quality pipe job cannot be completed. A pipefitters square is built uniquely for a pipefitter and comes in a size that will fit best. 


A standard angle that pipes are usually bent to at their source is either 45° or 90°. Certain jobs require different angles and that’s why a pipefitter square may be necessary for the job. 

2. Welder’s Gauge

Even the slightest error in piping can cause a leak. A welders’ gauge tool is used before a pipe fitting job to determine the pipe material, quality of the pipe, and dimensions. It can also double-check alignment after a fitting job is complete.

3. Fitter Grips

To help multitask, a fitter grip holds two pipes while pipes are welded together. Fitter grips can also be used when welding a pipe to a joint. This tool is essential to allow a pipefitter to work hands-free! 

4. A Centering Head

Next, there is a centering head, a tool used to create angles and points on a pipe. It’s often used to find centerlines on a pipe, including the top dead center or bottom dead center. Pipefitters can use this tool for a necessary step of precision marking.

5. Pipe Wraps

Lastly, there are pipe wraps! This tool is a lot like it sounds, a tool used to mark pipes before cutting. The wrap is put around the pipe and all edges are perfectly aligned where the wrap overlaps itself. Pipefitters then draw a line around the pipe with a soapstone which ensures a straight cut on the pipe.


Pipefitter Tools at Schulte Supply!

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