3 Reasons Why You Need A Water Meter Cover

Do you have a water meter that needs a cover? Or maybe you are not sure if it’s a necessity for your unique water meter. Whether you live in a residential or commercial property, a water meter cover is a must for three reasons. In this blog, we will unpack these 3 reasons why you need a water meter cover!

What Is A Water Meter Cover?

A water meter box cover, or box, is a secure lid/container covering a water meter on the outside of a property. Typically they are made from metal to withstand harsh weather conditions and locked with a key.

Water meter covers are also convenient for meter reading in residential and commercial use.

1. Withstand Harsh Weather

When it comes to snow, rain, wind, etc., you want to be sure your water meter is properly covered and protected. A good quality water meter cover should withstand the harshest weather conditions. 

Covers normally come in different sizes and styles to meet your system’s requirements. The most common cause of water appearing inside of the meter box is due to rain. We at Schulte Supply offer a variety of covers to prevent this issue and meet your needs to best suit your water meter. 

2. Prevent Accidents

With a water meter cover, it’s easier to spot when walking near or around the water meter. It’s a great way to prevent landscaping accidents, as well as any pedestrians accidentally tripping or hitting the water meter. Safety is key.

3. A Simple Upgrade

Not only do water meter covers protect the meter from damage and potential accidents, but they can look more professional and sleek with the right kind. Everyone wants to have better curb appeal. A water meter cover is a simple way to do it!

We at Schulte Supply can deliver you safety products, culvert, and drainage pipes, traffic control materials, road signs, pumps, and more.

Contact us today to see what water meter covers we offer and how we can further fit your needs.

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